Soft tubes


An embodied collective performance experience at the Making Futures Conference at MEDEA University Malmö. Curated by Zeenath Hasan.

The whole body is covered with Soft Tube forming a new kind of ‘skin’ or extra membrane to the world that one senses through.

Soft Tubes gives visibility in close range only, and thus all information via our sight is no longer the primary source and an activation of other senses of the body is now directing our behaviour.

Similar tubes are used in body treatment with preterm children, children with ADHD and other persons where a regulation of the nervous system and stress levels in the body is essential training for a well-being.

I am thankful for my ongoing collaboration on Soft Tubes with Advanced Rolfer and Fascial Flow teacher Jeanne Jensen. Soft Tubes are sown by Toni’s Dresses after inspiration from one of Jeanne Jensen’s body therapist colleagues in the United States. View more about Jeanne Jensen’s Fascial Flow and it’s background in both Rolfing and Continuum Movement.

Here is a link to a former exhibition and video with Soft Tubes

Photographer: Viki Ølgod

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