Collective Strings / Snorespor – Trapholt Museum, Denmark

Snorespor 2017, Trapholt from Trapholt on Vimeo.

Exhibition May 28, 2017 – Jun 19, 2017

Experience a piece of art while creating and becoming part of it eventually.
The work Snorespor is created by artist Karoline H. Larsen and 1000 school pupils from the whole triangular area during Design Week Kolding. Trapholt’s big round room, the roundabout, is filled with hundreds of string in all colors day by day.
It will seem like a three-dimensional painting that can be experienced from above and below and from all sides.
A 6000 cubic meter structure of cord grows in the room.
Visitors are welcome to take part until end of exhibition June 19, 2017

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