Collective Strings / Snorespor – ongoing participatory performance installation

From 2019. All yarn for Collective Strings is recycled-cotton leftovers from t-shirt production. After take down of the participatory installation all yarn is given away and reused by local organisers. Thanks. COLLECTIVE STRINGS – Participatory Performance Installation. Artist Karoline H Larsen explains: “Collective Strings is a participatory performance installation. It is an invitation both for […]

Collective Strings – Festa di Roma 2020

COLLECTIVE STRINGS – ongoing since 2005. Most recently: Rome’s citizens and guests in the city participate and create a collective leash over 6 hours on the 1st of January for La Festa di Roma 2020. The site-specific participatory art work is curated to be part of the green eco-system, symbol of the jungle. And thus […]

As a crisis psychologist, how do you view art projects such as Collective Strings?

(Dansk tekst efterfølgende) New tracks in the biochemistry. Body therapist, psychologist, and psychotraumatology specialist Ulla Rung Weeke met performance artist Karoline H Larsen in an interview about Collective Strings. Karoline asked Rung Weeke: As a crisis psychologist, how do you view art projects such as Collective Strings? “What is particularly exciting about Karoline’s string happenings”, […]

Collective Strings / Snorespor – Trapholt Museum, Denmark

Snorespor 2017, Trapholt from Trapholt on Vimeo. Exhibition May 28, 2017 – Jun 19, 2017 Experience a piece of art while creating and becoming part of it eventually. The work Snorespor is created by artist Karoline H. Larsen and 1000 school pupils from the whole triangular area during Design Week Kolding. Trapholt’s big round room, the roundabout, […]

Snorespor / Collective Strings, Scenes des Rues Festival, Mulhouse, France

Snorespor / Collective Strings from Karoline H. Larsen on Vimeo. Snorespor / Collective Strings borgerinvolverende kunstinstallation, 2 x 1 dage, Scenes des Rue Festival, Mulhouse, Frankrig, Karoline H Larsen, 2017 Materiale: Kevlarline 2 ton brudstyrke, polykordel akryl snor i magenta, cyan, gul, orange, rød, lilla, hvid, sort Dimensions: 50meters long, approx 7m at highest point

Collective Strings – Museum Rijswijk, Holland 2017 Rijswijk Textile Biennial The fifth Rijswijk Textile Biennial will take place from 16 May to 24 September 2017. Twenty-four international artists will be showing their fibre art. ‘Well-worn’ textile techniques like weaving, knitting and embroidery, combined with photography and digital processes, are used to express social and political themes, as well as personal stories. […]