LANDMARKS, sketch for 3 public city gates sculptures for Billund, Capital of Children.

Working on a grand Public commission.

3 LANDMARKS, sketch for 3 public city gates sculptures for Capital of Children, co-creation proces with the local kids, Billund Kommune, CoC and the Danish Arts Foundation.

This is by far my biggest public commission. I won the sketch-project in a 30minute pitch presented to the board-group for the 3 LANDMARKS. #billundlandmarks #sensetheworld

Timeline proces

6 August. Invitation to competition ‘City gates Billund’
12 August. Pitch for CoC 
19th August. Invitation for Sans Billund
4 September. Sensory walk in the city center of Billund with kids from Gaarden Billund.
17 September. Three landscape Models from Emil Krog, visual arts students,
18 September. Workshop. Gaarden Billund. 1-2 hours cutting silhouettes.
25 September. Karoline sends Express’ huge stack of prints of photos from the Sensory walk to the Kids’ Art school.
29 September.  Workshop by Kid’s Art School teacher Susanne according to my instructions.
6th October. Concept presentation for the Board of CoC
Beginning November. Total budget for all Sans Billund sculptures.

Research trip to the 3 Locations.

BÅSTLUNDVEJ / near airport.
People walking on foot all the 885meter long strecth to the city begins.

BÅSTLUNDVEJ/ near Airport


BÅSTLUNDVEJ / near airport
BÅSTLUNDVEJ / a long narrow ramp to the right of the road






VEJLEVEJ / on foot, and with high ramp to the right of the road

BÅSTLUNDVEJ / near Airport


Flora on the 3 locations

 Step 1. Involving the public in Billund and local kids.

Sense Billund!
We talked about connecting to the energy of the earth.
Inside the earth is hot and full of energy. Through your feet you can connect to that energy and use it. In the workshop we will find materials in our surroundings and sense the materials and take photos during the process.

SANS BILLUND. Sansevandring. Vi trækker energien fra Jordens kerne op igennem kroppen op til hjertet. Hånden på hjertet. Vi begiver os ud i området for sanse, mærke.


Workshop with local kids from Gaarden Billund.

We used our 701 photos from the #sansbillund #sensetheworld city walk. In the workshop I instructed the kids to begin cutting the photos into body silhouettes. The kids would follow the task to cut out their own bodies on the photos into both positive and negative figure spaces.

I told them it is good to look for very visible feet and arms and head etc. when you choose and cut the figures, just to make the silhouettes more recognizable.

Thus some kids would start to break free of the frame for the cutting task and start asking “Can I cut the head off this person?” (on the photo) “Yes you can do so” “Can I cut the arms of too?” Yes you can do so. Let’s see what that makes?

A diversity of bodies would start to develop.
E.g. A body with one huge arm, bigger than the whole body.
A body consisting with only legs – but 16 legs!

Who are we as living human beings on earth?
What kind of creatures are living on earth?
Both being humans and creatures at the same time – in contact with the energy of the earth?

Some kids called it “the zombie apocalypse”, some kids called it “the multi-bodies”
I believe we came closer to the DNA of Billund – Childrens’ Capital.

Workshop with local kids from Billedskolen Billund, v. art teacher Susanne Frank Lyngsø. 

I sent 50 photo prints of local kids doing Sans Billund.
The DNA of Billund Children’s Capital are the kids.
Task for art students:
1. Cut out the figures.
2. Combine the figures into new and diverse bodies. #sensetheworld #diversity
What is the body? What can a body do?

Step 2. MODEL & SKETCH of 3 Landmarks Sculptures starts to take form.


Skitseforslag. Landmarks. Karoline H Larsen. 2020