Creatures / Væsner

Creatures / Væsner

From October 2013 till April 2014 Den Frie – Centre for Contemporary Art and Nyboder School have collaborated conducting three courses of artist-led learning. I was invited to work with students from 4th to 5th class – and during two months the 15 boys made ​​luminous creatures together with me and was showing a performance for the other students at Den Frie – Centre for Contemporary Art.

Væsner / Creatures – Den Frie 19.03.2014 from Karoline H. Larsen on Vimeo.
4. og 5. Taleklasserække Nyboder Skole, Den Frie / Centre for Contemporary Art

Photographer Agnes Schlichtkrull

Optog 1078Optog 1137Optog 1155




Drengene 1498 Drengene 1481 Drengene 1480 Drengene 1492 Drengene 1525 Drengene 1511 Drengene 1504 Drengene 1366 Drengene 1518





Drengene 1372








Drengene 1390 Drengene 1375Drengene 1511Drengene 1366

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